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Wildcat Rock Overlook in North Carolina

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Length: approx 4 miles Difficulty: Moderate/Strenuous Why it's cool: Huge sheets of ice in the winter! The Wildcat Rock overlook is one that's been on my list for a while, and it was so worth the wait! Getting to the parking lot for the hike takes you on Alt 74 through some gorgeous mountain scenery just southeast of Asheville near a wonderful community called Gerton, NC. It's the type of route that will have you singing Country Roads, and there is no way to fight it. Just embrace it.

If you look near the top of the mountains in the photo above, you'll see rock faces that are covered in ice. The trail takes you right next to these huge sheets of ice, and let me tell y'all, one might say it is.... nICE. I'm sorry, the puns never stop.

This hike was incredibly unique with the large, sparkling sheets of ice that coated the rock faces on the mountain. Obviously, in the middle of the summer these sheets of ice will not be there, and if they are then we need to be a little bit concerned. BUT in the winter, these are beautiful to see!

Of course, the view from the top was incredible. The sweeping, panoramic views of the Blue Ridge in all its rolling glory is always beautiful, and the view from Wildcat Rock is no exception!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this little blog of mine! If you like this, check out more of my blog posts by clicking here.  Make sure when you're exploring the beautiful Appalachian Mountains that you use Leave No Trace principles. Take only pictures and leave only footprints. Be respectful to the environment, wildlife, and other hikers around you. Happy wandering, y'all!


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