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Because the Blue Wall is a geological feature that is unlike anything else, it also creates the perfect environment for rich biodiversity. There are species of flora and fauna that do not exist anywhere else in the world because of the Blue Wall.

Beech Bottom Falls SC

Jocassee Gorges

There's a reason that National Geographic named the Jocassee Gorges as one of the world's last 50 great places. The Jocassee Gorges have the second highest rainfall in the continental US, making it a temperate rainforest, one of only two in the lower 48. This has created a rare, wild habitat with 60+ species of rare plants and the largest number of salamanders in the world.

Oconee Bell.JPG

Oconee Bells

The Oconee Bell is a rare beauty. 90% of this flower's habitat can be found By the Blue Wall. The Oconee Bell only grows in the southern Appalachian Mountains near the borders of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. It is a tertiary plant, meaning that it is a prehistoric flower that once covered the Earth. Now, it is only found here. It normally blooms in mid-March to early April.

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