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Geological Features

The Blue Ridge Escarpment, or the Blue Wall, is nature's most undiscovered monument. Because of its drastic elevation change, there are several unique geological features in the South Carolina mountains that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Glassy Mountain Blue Wall.JPG


Because the change in elevation is so drastic along the blue wall, there are several cliffs and drop-offs along this unique ridge. Some of these cliffs are a staggering 300 feet tall. 

Jumping Off Rock Jocassee Gorges.JPG


There are deep gorges in the South Carolina Mountains that plummet into beautiful ecosystems at the base of the Blue Wall. The most notable gorge in the region is the Jocassee Gorges.

Long Creek Falls .jpg


The South Carolina Mountains has the highest concentration of waterfalls in the country, and it is because of the Blue Wall. The abrupt change in elevation across our region combined with mountain streams means that there are literally dozens of waterfalls to explore. In Oconee County alone, there are over 150 waterfalls.

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