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Waterfall Wonderland

Waterfalls are awesome, y'all. There's nothing quite like walking through an Appalachian forest and hearing the ever-growing roar of an ancient waterfall in the distance. Below are the waterfalls that I have visited (and have good photos of) in the Appalachian Mountains!

North Carolina Waterfalls
South Carolina Waterfalls
Tennessee Waterfalls

Looking Glass Falls

Distance: Short walk from parking area

This is a very accessible waterfall located just off of Highway 276 near Brevard, NC. If you're heading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway on 276, Looking Glass needs to be on your list.

Looking Glass Falls Pisgah

Schoolhouse Falls

Distance: Approx. 1.3 miles one way

Schoolhouse Falls can be found in a network of trails near Panthertown Valley in Sapphire, NC. Schoolhouse cascades into a nice pool, making it a refreshing stop on a hot day.

Schoolhouse Falls NC.jpg

Upper Whitewater Falls

Distance: Short walk from parking lot​

Upper Whitewater Falls, the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, is a magnificent sight to behold. There is a nice overlook to view this waterfall that is accessible for most skill levels. She's a beaut, y'all!

Upper Whitewater Falls NC

Fall Creek Falls

Distance: Approx. 1.5 miles one way

Tucked into the mountain sides of the Sumter National Forest, Fall Creek Falls is an absolute stunner of a waterfall that feels like you're hiking into a fairytale land. 

Fall Creek Falls.jpg

Brasstown Falls

Distance: 0.3 miles one way​

Brasstown Falls is a series of 3 uniquely beautiful waterfalls located near Long Creek, South Carolina. Although this is a short trail, it's not easy! There are several roots along the trail, and it's best to avoid this one after a heavy rainfall.


Eastatoe Narrows

Distance: 2.6 miles one way ​

Located near Rocky Bottom, South Carolina in the Jocassee Gorges, the Eastatoe Narrows is the perfect waterfall to see for a short day hike. While you're here, be sure to follow Horsepasture Road up to the gorgeous Jumping Off Rock overlook!

Eastatoe Narrows.jpg

Issaqueena Falls

Distance: Short walk from parking area

Located in the Stumphouse Park in Walhalla, South Carolina, Issaqueena Falls is a very popular spot for those looking for a quick, scenic stop. Check out Stumphouse Tunnel while you're here!

Issaqueena Falls.JPG

King Creek Falls

Distance: 0.9 miles one way​

Just a few steps away from the Burrells Ford Campground near Mountain Rest, South Carolina, King Creek Falls is a towering waterfall that stands at nearly 70 feet tall. You have to experience this one in person to truly appreciate its size!

King Creek Falls.JPG

Big Laurel Falls

Distance: 2 miles one way

This awesome waterfall is located in the Virgin Falls State Natural Area near Sparta, TN. Behind this cascade is a really cool cave, making this falls a definite must-see.

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Big Laurel Falls.JPG

Beech Bottom Falls

Distance: Approx. 1 mile one way​

Beech Bottom Falls is a gorgeous cascade that sits just miles from Sassafras Mountain, the tallest point in South Carolina. This one is perfect for a short stroll in the woods with a beautiful view, y'all!

Beech Bottom Falls SC

Lee Falls

Distance: 1.5 miles one way


Lee Falls is otherworldly. This incredible waterfall is located near Tamassee, South Carolina, and features a lush, green backdrop to a particularly sparkling falls. This one looks like it's straight out of a tropical jungle!

Lee Falls SC.JPG

Oconee Station Falls

Distance: 0.8 miles one way

A moderately flat and relatively short trail will lead you to Station Cove (or Oconee Station) Falls. This waterfall is a great one to bring your kids or furry friends to!

Oconee Station Falls.JPG

Rainbow Falls

Distance: 2.2 miles one way

Located in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Region in the mountains of South Carolina, Rainbow Falls is a beautiful cascade that can be accessed through Jones Gap State Park.

Rainbow Falls.jpg

Opossum Creek Falls

Distance: 2 miles one way​

Opossum Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near Long Creek, South Carolina. The challenging hike that leads you to this falls offers some beautiful views of the Chattooga River along the way.

Opossum Creek Falls

Reedy Branch Falls

Distance: 0.5 miles one way 

Reedy Branch Falls is a kid and dog friendly waterfall located near Long Creek, South Carolina. While you're visiting this pretty falls, be sure to check out nearby Chattooga Belle Farm for some gorgeous mountain views!

Reedy Branch Falls SC.jpg

Riley Moore Falls

Distance: Approx. 1 mile one way​

Riley Moore Falls is a unique waterfall that is wider than it is tall. Located near Westminster, South Carolina, this waterfall offers a great area for swimming in the warmer months. 

Riley Moore Falls

Spoonauger Falls

Distance: 0.3 miles one way

Just a short walk from the Burrells Ford Campground along the Chattooga River, Spoonauger Falls features a unique, stair-step shape. It is also very close to King Creek Falls, so they are both easily doable in one day!

Spoonauger Falls.JPG

Yellow Branch Falls

Distance: 1.5 miles one way​

Located near Walhalla, South Carolina in the Sumter National Forest, Yellow Branch Falls is an absolutely gorgeous waterfall that can be reached via a moderate hike. 

Yellow Branch Falls.JPG

High Falls

Distance: Approx. 1 mile one way​

High Falls is one of many beautiful waterfalls in Dupont State Forest near Brevard, NC. This massive cascade has a deafening roar that's both powerful and awe inspiring.

High Falls Dupont Forest NC

Triple Falls

Distance: Approx. 0.8 miles one way​

Located in Dupont State Forest, Triple Falls is a great waterfall with multiple vantage points. Trust me, y'all, she looks good from every angle!

Triple Falls Dupont Forest NC
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