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Snooks Nose Trail in the Pisgah National Forest

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

One of the many benefits that I love in a good hike is the exercise. The rewarding feeling of climbing to the top of a particularly steep hill and knowing that your own two legs brought you there is awesome. However, some hikes are more challenging than others, and this one absolutely tore me a new one, y'all. Difficulty: Very hard Length: 2 miles one way Why it's cool: Stunning summit views This hike begins in the Curtis Creek Campground in the Pisgah National Forest near Old Fort, NC. I did this hike back in the beginning of March (I know, I'm slacking here!), and at that point the campground was in its off-season. If you also decide to do this hike in the off-season, be prepared to park at a gate at the entrance of the campground. This adds about 0.3 miles to the hike along a gravel road.

Okay, y'all, let's be real with each other for a minute here. This hike is HARD. It is relentlessly steep all the way to the top. In the 2 miles that you'll hike to get to the summit of Snooks Nose, you'll gain almost 2,000 feet in elevation. This is NOT your average climb up a mountain! As with any hike, be sure to bring plenty of water and take as many breaks as you need to as you ascend to the top. Trust me, people are way more focused on their own heavy breathing than yours! Although the hike to the top feels like a stair climber on steroids, the view at the top is very rewarding. In my Appalachian opinion, there's no hike that isn't worth doing to see those ancient, rolling mountains. 

Remember when you wander to practice Leave No Trace policies. Take only pictures, and leave only footprints out there in those beautiful mountains. Happy wandering, y'all!


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