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Milton Bradley Falls Trail

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

If you're ever in or near Saluda, NC and you find yourself craving the refreshing spray from a waterfall, I've got a great option for you. Milton Bradley Falls doesn't quite have the name recognition of other WNC falls like Crabtree or Looking Glass - but trust me, y'all, it's one that should absolutely be on your to-hike list!

Length: 4.75 miles round-trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Why it's cool: Hiking through old farm fields!

To get to the Milton Bradley Falls trailhead, you have to wind your way through the Green River Gamelands, which is stunning on its own. Part of me wanted to just gawk out the car window with my mouth open at the beauty of the nature all around, but alas, there was a waterfall to explore.

This trailhead is a little tricky to find at first. You have to drive through the Wilderness Cove Campground and keep to the left, and there, you'll find a clear parking area for the trail.

The hike starts off on a roadbed that weaves through old farmland with mountains in the distance, and needless to say, it's freakin beautiful.

A field in the foreground with rolling mountains and a cloudy sky

After walking through these pretty fields, eventually, this trail comes to a creek crossing. There isn't a distinct, guaranteed dry path across the creek, but it is doable! Or, if you really want to be one with nature and FEEL it, you can take your shoes off and embrace the cool rush of that mountain stream. This is the method I tried, and it made me feel like a badass (I am not a badass).

River running through a green forest

After the creek crossing, there are a few more old fields that you'll hike through that look like a scene out of a fairytale.

Mountains and meadows in the Spring

After the fairytale fields that make you feel like the main character in some enchanted story, the trail leads into the forest for a short stint - just about half a mile or so. Then, you get to see that eye candy that you were hoping for... Milton Bradley Falls! She's tall (about 40 ft, to be exact), picturesque au natural, and just waiting to be visited.

In my humble opinion, this is by far one of the most underrated waterfalls in the state. If you get there early enough in the morning, you'll likely have this trail all to yourself.

Waterfall tucked into an emerald green forest

For more photos and explorations, be sure to follow The Wandering Appalachian on Instagram and Pinterest! Be sure when you're discovering new places to practice Leave No Trace principles. Take only pictures, and leave only footprints. Happy wandering, y'all



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