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A Moment of Self Reflection

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Sometimes, these mountains inspire a moment of coming to terms with oneself. Recently, I took a moment to reflect and pen my feelings down in the form of a poem. Enjoy, y'all.

I was blinded by faux greatness,

by God's own lips I had been kissed.

But I was wrong, of foolish mind -

nothing but a narcissist.

My mouth, it bled with horrid lies.

I became the thing that I despise

and suffocated the inner good

until I could not hear her cries.

Egotistical, selfish, crass,

a manipulative, doe-eyed mask.

Disdainful creature, how I loathe you

and the dark in which you bask.

Bright inferno, fiery gate,

called with silken song and bait,

coaxing evil from my soul

and charred my heart with blackened hate.

I was blinded in my youth -

fought for ego, nail and tooth.

But now I realize that I'm small

and ready, so ready, to find the truth.

- Anna Chastain (The Wandering Appalachian)


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